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Puppet Services is a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of professional puppets for stage and television. We can design your playmate, the character of a series, or make the mascot of your business alive. We create custom puppets to answer each of your expectations. Make your desires a reality and surprise your audience!

The founder of Puppet Services, Mehdi Garrigues, holds a Masters in Marketing and an audiovisual marketing specialization received at the National Audiovisual Institute (INA). It's on the side of his university career that he developed his passion for puppetry. As a child, he realized that the creatures of Jim Henson (The Muppets), Yves Brunier (L'île aux enfants) and Alain Duverne (les Guignols, le Bebête Show, les Minikeums) were impossible to obtain. So he decided to make them himself and he learned the techniques used to design the characters. The hours spent with Alain Duverne in his studio allowed him to develop his craft and to meet different puppeteers.

After working in the fields of TV, cinema and theater, Mehdi decided to focus on the creation and manufacture of professional puppets, founding Puppet Services in 2013. All our puppets are handmade in France, and we can also offer our services in manipulation for your shootings. You will discover some of our productions on our Youtube channel, and to see them in motion, why don't you let Nigel present you our company ? It's here!

Puppet Services


We provide two main types of puppets:

Arm Rod Puppets

This type of puppet traditionally requires a puppeteer. The hands of the character are connected to rigid rods for handling. You can easily remove and replace the rods as needed. An armature is also present to position the fingers of the puppet.
Examples of Arm Rod Puppet: Kermit The Frog (The Muppets), Elmo (Sesame Street), Rod (Avenue Q)

Live Hands Puppets

This type of puppet traditionally requires two puppeteers. A person slips his arms into the character's head and another slides his hands into the arms of the puppet. One puppeteer is necessary in the case where one of the character's arms is padded.
Examples of Live Hands Puppet: Alf, Tatayet, Trekky Monster (Avenue Q)

Every type of puppet (arm rod puppet / live puppet hands) can be designed in two ways:
- « Full Body »: the character is complete (head + torso + legs). This type of puppet is mainly used on stage
- « Half Body »: only the top half of the character is made (head + torso). This type of puppet is used primarily in television.

For more information about the warranty, the manufacturing timeline or legal aspects, please click on the "+" below.


If a fault occurs in the normal use of the puppet during the 3 months of purchase, we will be fixing it for free. Shipping costs are not included in the warranty.

Rights and exclusivity

When creating a character specifically for you Puppet Services offers two options:

- For the exclusive rights to the puppet, the minimum price is €4500 and will vary depending on the complexity of the puppet. You will be the only owner of the character and we promise not to (re) produce the puppet for anyone but you. You own the rights for stage and television. The use of the image of the puppet for potential derived products is subject to conditions. For more information please contact us.

- The non-exclusive rights to the puppet: The minimum price is €1500 and then varies according to the complexity of the character. The first puppet (including exploitation rights for the stage and television) is yours but we reserve the right to incorporate this new model in our range.

Manufacturing timeline

Our puppets are all handmade in France and their production time is variable depending on our business and the puppet in question. For a new puppet, 5-6 weeks on average are needed. For a puppet from the range, 2 to 3 weeks on average.


The puppets are all hand-crafted. Each one of them is carefully made: the heads are hand sewn in order to make the seams as unobtrusive as possible, the eyes are carefully positioned to look as expressive as possible, and a space in the head is specifically designed so that the hand of the puppeteer is secured and handling facilitated. As our puppets are handmade, each one of them has its own characteristics making it unique. There may therefore be slight differences, very small, on puppets of the same character. Moreover clothes shown on the pictures are for illustrative purposes, because they may not be available when the character is ordered. We will provide comparable garments.
When ordering two identical puppets or more, for the most identical puppets possible, it is best to order them at the same time.

For even more information, do not hesitate to contact us!


Here are some of our productions.
We are currently working on new projects,
and we can't wait to share them with you here!

  • Puppet Services Jeff Panacloc Jean-Marc


    Design and production of all the puppets for ventriloquist-comic Jeff Panacloc, including the famous orange monkey Jean-Marc. With their show "Jeff Panacloc loses control", they made 500,000 spectators laugh throughout the world. The ventriloquist is working on a new show. Check out their website by clicking here!

    Client: Artistic Records / Jeff Panacloc
    Images courtesy of Artistic Records and Jeff Panacloc

  • Puppet Services Jamel Comedy Kids


    Design, production and manipulation of Michel, the puppet who co-hosts with Jamel Debbouze "Jamel Comedy Kids" on Canal + (french television).

    Client: Kissman Production
    Design and production: Mehdi Garrigues

  • Puppet Services Disneyland Paris


    Manufacture of a puppet for Disneyland Paris. You can see Miss Diamond Lill perform daily at the Lucky Nugget Saloon in Disneyland, or by clicking here!

    Client : Moving Puppet/ Disneyland Paris
    Character design : Disneyland Paris
    Art Direction: Jerome Clauss
    Manufacturing : Mehdi Garrigues

  • Puppet Services Banana Sim Join


    Design, manufacturing and manipulation of the puppet for the "Banana Sim" ad for the Belgian telecom provider Join. Watch the ad here!

    Client: Arizona Film/ Agence Vous

  • Puppet Services Jeff Panacloc Jean-Marc


    Design and manufacturing of a 2 meters high mascot of Jean-Marc (Jeff Panacloc), for the animation in big venues.

    Client: Artistic Records / Jeff Panacloc
    Images courtesy of Artistic Records and Jeff Panacloc

  • Puppet Services custom made puppets


    We can design and manufacture characters for puppeteers, ventriloquists, magicians, TV producers, theater producer, or advertising agencies, whatever their desires!

Are you dreaming of having your own one ? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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